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The Aduro H1 is a wood and pellet stove in one and very user-friendly! A wood fire for the cozy atmosphere and pellets as practical heating.You can switch between pellets and firewood at all times.For example, you can place firewood in the heater and use the pellet function to ignite the heater.Do not you want to make wood anymore?Then the pellet function automatically switches.Getting home in a cold house belongs to the Aduro H1 to the past.Comfortable rest. The H1 is very silent due to the advanced pellet feeder.Powerless operation is possible.The stove can be used as a classic wood stove without electricity.Control via smartphone / tablet possible.Integrated pellet silo in the heaterEquipped with external air supplyAutomatic cleaningThe H1 Hybrid has an integrated Wifi module, which allows you to control it by means of an app on your smartphone.Also, the stove is equipped with a very useful week thermostat, so you can set it to your preference.The heater has 7KW power and this gives you your living room quick and pleasant on temperature.Pellets or wood? What do you want with the Aduro H1 Hybrid.You program him so that the heater s


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