rgdsmarke Zhong-Xiao East Rd., Sec. 5, Taipei, Taiwan 👀 Have you Realised?. 😡 💕 ..That you can never feel Fearful and Grateful Simultaneously. Tony Robbins, one of my Favourite Giant in my PD journey has been quoted again and again, all over the Internet on the Topic of Fear vs Gratitude.. 💢 🆓The Truth is that it is Nearly Impossible to Feel Angry or Fearful when you are Feeling Grateful. .☝ 💭Therefore, if there is a Situation where you Feel Fearful of Action, you Feel Angry, Frustrated.... .🍷 Heres a Potion for you, .🐪 🐫 Think of 1 - 2 Areas in your Life that you can be Grateful for.. . 🙏 🦃 Give Thanks and Feel Grateful for... . 😧 😦 Notice... how that feel across your whole self . ✍ 📔Practice Gratitude Today! . 👨‍🏫 👷 That being said, I am also truly grateful for most of the things I have now, and I am still working to extend my gratitude to more things in life. . 👀是否發覺。。 . 😡 💕 ..憤怒 與 感恩 無法 同時 存在?. 💢 🆓 是的,安東尼羅賓 對此 話題 以經 在網上 傳過 萬眾 . . ✍ 📔大家一起 感恩 吧!Comment 49,587 likes rgdsmarke TonyRobbins Taiwan 🔸 Gratitude Anger Grateful Fear


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