Safety Seat Protector for Canines by We Love Animals Evaluation | pixoxip
This is an excellent automobile seat protector for canines!1. It keeps the canine hair (and occasional puke) off of my seats while still enabling me to safety belt my pet dogs in,2. The hammock style makes it extremely easy for my 12 year old 70 pound laboratory mix to lay comfortably without worry of falling off the seat and onto the flooring,3. The hammock design likewise helps keep the chihuahua from leaning into the front and grabbing my drink or snack,4. I can easily conceal products in my automobile out of view on the flooring of the backseats under the hammock,5. It was SUPER easy to install. I extremely advise this product to all my good friends and household with animals.The hammock design likewise helps keep the cat providers from walking around and I think limiting the felines view on journeys to the vet helps keep their tension down a little.


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