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“Get your kicks on Route 66”. Bobby Troup knew what he was talking about when it comes to Route 66 with his song that was later sung by the likes of Chuck Berry and the Rolling Stones! There’s no other highway in the world that’s as famous as Route 66 – the Mother Road – and if you’re planning a trip to the USA, why not include a self-drive tour along the highway itself. Here are some of our top reasons why you should head to Route 66: 1. It stretches across eight US states from California to Illinois, a total of 2,451 miles. 2. Its full of neon signs, classic diners and retro motels that will have you feeling as though you have stepped back to the mid 1900s. 3. The history of walking. The Native Americans walked this path in the 1830s, following the Trail of Tears when they were removed from their land; and in the 1930s, families packed up their belongings and walked to California in search of a better life in what is known as the Dust Bowl migration. 4. The small towns. Friendly locals, great food, comfortable modest accommodation – small town America is the best.


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